Can I get my fee back if my course is disappointing?


If students do not complete their courses for any reason, or if they fail, they will normally still be liable to repay the  SLC loan for the period they have been studying. Refund policies vary from provider to provider

The tuition-fee loan from the Student Loan Company is paid directly to the provider but the student owes the money to  the SLC.

Providers make their own arrangements about repayment of tuition fees, depending on the circumstances.  Students should check the rules that apply to them.  Some examples:

The funding machinery created under Further and Higher Education Act  1992 s.68 no longer applies as straightforwardly as it did.  The Act provides for ‘conditions of grant’, under which, where it is found that public funding awarded to the funding councils has not been used in accordance with the terms and conditions on which it was given, the Secretary of State may require that it be repaid. This will probably not include funding made available to the Student Loan Company.

The new Operating Framework has to work within the limitations of the existing law and that means that little can be done through ‘conditions of grant’ provisions  to recover public money given as a grant, if a provider fails to provide courses to an appropriate standard.