What is changing?

iStock_000008591369_ExtraSmallThe pages in this section of the website are designed to help enquirers who want to understand how the arrangements for the provision and funding of higher education have been changing and how this may affect

  • potential applicants for courses
  • teachers, parents and others seeking to give informed support to applicants in making their choices
  • managers in higher education providers

On the new Operating Framework, see

The new Operating Framework

On protections for students and some new concerns, see

How are protections for students changing?

What if your course is disappointing?

Notifying withdrawal from a course

On ‘putting the student at the heart of the system’, see

Is the student a consumer?

What is new in student contracts and charters?

What should the Council or Board of the provider do?

On higher education in further education colleges, see

Higher education in further education colleges

On ‘alternative providers’ and new grants of university title, see

‘Alternative’ providers

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