Student disputes: support and information for managers

Student disputes

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These are topics which may bear review in your institution. They are intended to prompt reflection as well as provide pointers and some answers.

  • Do you have a student charter or contract?  Should you?
  • How well integrated is your provision for responding to questions, complaints and feedback from students?  Do you have a reliable process for ensuring that a student is sent to the right source of information or support?

On student charters and student contracts, see

Student charters and student contracts

Did you get what was promised in the course advertisement?

Was the prospectus honest with you?

Did the provider deliver your course as promised?

Avoiding complaints that students were misled

On contact hours and feedback, see

Understanding ‘contact hours’

Did you get the right feedback?

On professional courses, see

Disputes about professional accreditation

Fitness to practise

On international students and collaborative arrangements, see

International students

Collaborative arrangements: international students

Collaborative arrangements with private providers

On complaints and appeals, see

What do students have to complain about?

Complain or mention special difficulties before you appeal

On student discipline, see

Should I be subject to ‘student discipline’ if I misbehave?

Computer and IT misuse

Student plagiarism

On managing a student demonstration, see

On managing a student demonstration