An in-house mediation service or external mediators?

Do you have an in-house mediation service?

IDRAS may be able to advise on setting one up

Many providers are setting up their own in-house mediation services

Often these concentrate on employment mediation.  It is important to extend the provision to student disputes. This can be especially helpful where a dispute is  between student and employee.

Providers sometimes make arrangements to share and exchange their in-house mediators with other local institutions.

Points to consider:

  • Do you invite all categories of staff to train as in-house mediators?
  • Do you offer in-house training in mediation?
  • If you have a Law Faculty or Business School are you engaging it in design of training for your mediators?
  • Do you have easily-accessible lists of external mediators with relevant specialist skills? IDRAS may be able to advise on finding such lists

Can mediation be helpful in complex cases where a specialist knowledge of the world of further and higher education is likely to be important if not essential to success?

Yes, if the mediator chosen has the relevant specialist knowledge

Will academics and senior managers take a mediator seriously?

Yes,  if the mediator chosen is of appropriate professional seniority, for  example is a QC or former senior higher education administrator, as well  as a mediator

 Are mediators properly trained?

At present mediation training is unregulated and mainly provided by private commercial providers, though there are now beginning to be short courses in universities.

 Are mediators subject to a code of professional conduct?

At present there is no regulatory body or code of professional conduct for mediators.

The Civil Mediation Council is developing protections.

The National Mediation Helpline is operated on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and in collaboration with the Civil Mediation Council.

This is mainly intended for claims which involve money and disputes in further and higher education call for specialist mediators with additional skills.

A working list of universities with in-house mediation services known to us can be downloaded at

Mediation services

(we would like to hear of more)


IDRAS Consultants may be found through this website.

provides a body of reference material as well as an extensive list of ‘rated’ mediators.