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Jisc legal offers 

Legal Guidance for ICT Use in Education, Research and External Engagement

Our partnership with JISC Legal

IDRAS is working with JISC Legal to support staff development training, including the training of administrators and academics in prevention and early-stage resolution of disputes.

‘JISC Legal provides guidance for Senior Managers as they handle the legal issues which arise with ICT in education. The guidance includes workshops, webcasts and publications directed at those who are making decisions and managing resources in FE and HE.’

IDRAS is working with JISC Legal to encourage the development of quality-assured award-bearing qualifications in mediation which will bear credit within national qualifications frameworks and to support staff development training for in-house mediators.

IDRAS is working with JISC Legal to provide guidance in setting up in-house mediation in your institution

IDRAS and JISC Legal are happy to collaborate in the presentation of sessions in relevant conferences by invitation, and in mounting workshops.

Collaborative activities with JISC Legal include setting up interactive and discussion forums within which HEIs and Further Education Colleges can share experience and try out draft procedures and routes to resolution.