Dispute-resolution guide


The procedures and practice used in universities and other higher education providers to resolve disputes need regular review.  Sometimes there are periods of active revision as a decade ago when the creation of student complaints procedures was first insisted on.  But it is easy to leave a procedure undisturbed for years. Information on a website can become hard to find and even confusing. New students and staff may find it difficult to get started towards a resolution in the right way when a dispute begins.

In any case, needs and norms have changed.  The same decade has seen a big increase in the use of alternative dispute resolution options, which can be much quicker and more satisfactory than the traditional adversarial ones.

The pages which follow offer a guide to some basics for:

  • Institutions which want to make general improvements to their ‘systems’ and procedures for dealing with disputes
  • Student unions and trade unions who need help in their discussions with institutions
  • Managers and academic heads of department tackling disputes
  • Individuals looking for information about the way institutions deal with disputes
  • Mediators and others  involved in dispute resolution who would like to know more about the way institutions of further and higher institutions deal with disputes

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