Fit to study? Dealing with problem students

A student may present a series of continuing problems to an institution for a variety of reasons.  In some cases the institution sees a need to act in order to support a student with medical or psychological problems or to protect other  students or staff from disruptive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour.  Such behaviour may be no fault of the student for medical or other reasons or it may be of a kind which would normally lead to disciplinary action. Sometimes extreme behaviour develops as a consequence of the failure to resolve a complaint. Among the causes may be consequences of (real or perceived) flawed handling of an earlier complaint which may ultimately take a student with a complaint to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator. iStock_000005881622_ExtraSmallA number of institutions have developed ‘fitness to study’ procedures. Some are chiefly concerned with the need to protect other students from disruptive or inappropriate behaviour by a student who may, for example, have mental health problems.  Some are geared especially to health problems which may make a student ‘unfit’ to study. Some are concerned to ensure that students are not subjected to disciplinary processes when their behaviour may be the result of medical or other problems which are not their fault. Examples may be found at: Aberystwyth University Bangor University Bath Spa University Bath, University of Birkbeck College Bradford, University of Bristol University Brunel University Buckingham New University Cambridge, Clare College Cambridge, Downing College Cardiff Metropolitan University Cardiff University Chichester University Creative Arts, University of the East Anglia, University of Exeter, University of Falmouth University Harper Adams University Highlands and Islands, University of the Leeds, University of Liverpool John Moores University London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine London South Bank University London University Manchester University medical faculty teases out quite helpfully the difference between fit to study and fit to practise. Newcastle University Oxford, St Hilda’s College student handbook . Oxford, University of Statute XIII, B, Plymouth University – downloadable doc. Queen’s University Belfast,409034,en.pdf Reading University Roehampton University Salford, University of SOAS [FOI response no procedure] Southampton University Surrey, University of University College London Students Union University of Gloucestershire University of South Wales, Glamorgan West of England, University of the Westminster University York St. John University