The formal stage (1)

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Formal action under a complaint (student) or grievance (employee) procedure is initiated by the individual with the complaint or grievance. Formal action under a disciplinary procedure is initiated by the management, such as a head of department or dean.

Students and employees:

Before you launch your complaint or grievance consider what it will mean to follow it through. It is likely to take over your life for a lengthy period, involve a great deal of stress, and trigger chains of unintended consequences.

  • Those complained against may become indignant or distressed and make counter-accusations.
  • They may try to enlist as supporters the very people you thought would speak up for you and support what you say.
  • People avoid one another’s eyes.
  • The department becomes an uncomfortable place to be.
  • Even those who think you are right, or have been badly treated, may begin to see you as a troublemaker, especially if they feel some guilt themselves.

 ‘The worst thing was feeling so conspicuous. It was as though everyone was watching me. I felt as though they had all turned against me.’

Those who start a procedure normally have the power to stop it. Withdrawing a complaint or grievance is usually final, but before you do that, ask about mediation.

Even if your institution does not have an in-house mediation service it can agree to try mediation with an outside mediator.  See under Mediation  on this website: