Governors as watchdogs

2012-03-18 15.06.05If the institution is a ‘party’ to a dispute,  what is the role of the Governors?

Are the Governors of the institution informed? About:

  • Numbers of disputes
  • Method of resolution – followed institution’s internal procedures, mediation, litigation (settlement or went to hearing), complaint went to OIA, concern raised with HEFCE, concern raised with QAA?
  • Outcomes
  • Time taken to reach a resolution
  • Legal costs
  • Administrative costs
  • Lessons learned

Do the Governors regularly discuss or merely ‘receive’ such reports?

What can Governors do to improve dispute-prevention and early resolution of disputes?

Governors cannot ask searching questions and press for improvements unless they have an idea what an institution’s problems are.

Create a ‘suggestions box’ for Governors to enable students and staff to make them aware of  patterns of low-level ‘failure to deliver’ in the institution, and perhaps to do so anonymously if they fear reprisal for raising concerns?