Be transparent

Are you using clear and easily-understood language on your website, in circulars and in your procedures?

  • Are the codes of practice for students and staff in your institution easy to find on your website, with links given to students and employees when they first contact the institution, and on arrival?
  • Are your managers and academic line-managers and those with responsibility for students regularly reminded where to find them and encouraged to keep their knowledge of the contents up to date?
  • Are there regular opportunities for students and staff to have input into revisions of the codes of practice as appropriate?
  • Are you noting lessons learned from disputes with a view to ensuring that your codes are helpful in preventing future disputes?

Is your Press and Public Relations Office dangerously fond of spin?

For a recent study

John Bradley, ‘Integrity in higher education marketing? A typology of misleading data-based claims in the university prospectus’, International Journal for Educational Integrity, 9 (2013)