I’m an academic

I didn’t realise I was on a zero-hours contract!  

My Head of Department is a bully!

My students are mocking me on Facebook and Twitter!

The pages in this section contain information for employees in higher education providers who find themselves involved in disputes in their institutions.

  • Some of you will be also academics who are line-managers.  Read the pages at ‘I’m a manager’ too.
  • Some of you will not be academic employees.

Relevant information can also be accessed via the I am a manager button and What is changing

Being an employee

On different types of academic employment contract: the changing scene, see

My contract

Career progression

On career progression, see

Career progression

Workplace disputes

On workplace disputes, see

Workplace disputes

Redundancy and interrupted careers

On interrupted careers, redundancy and disciplinary processes, see

Redundancy and interrupted careers

Staff-student disputes

See Staff-student disputes

Research disputes

See Research disputes (employees)


News for Academics

The plan is to encourage ‘challenger’ providers to enter the higher education ‘sector’ by giving them probationary degree-awarding powers for three years from the beginning.  These may be removed. There is also to be ‘provider exit’ for providers which fail or … Continue reading

July 1, 2016