The Improving Dispute Resolution Advisory Service for Further and Higher Education

The IDRAS Kit-bag

Student complaints, staff grievances, disciplinary procedures, allegations of misconduct in research, public interest disclosures…

This website is a ‘kit-bag’ in which to find information and guidance on a wide range of aspects of disputes and dispute-resolution in further and higher education. 

Getting started

I’ve got a dispute and I want to know how to resolve it

Try I’m a Student or I’m an academic or I’m a manager

I want to get my institution’s dispute-resolution procedures sorted out

Try I’m a manager  and Dispute-resolution guide

I want to know more about the world of higher education in universities, colleges of further education and other providers  –  and how disputes can be prevented and fairly resolved

Try What is changing and Dispute-resolution guide


You can contact us about your difficulty, to add a comment to the Blog or to suggest a new Blog topic

For individuals, there can be delay and a lingering sense of ‘unfinished business’ if the dispute is not resolved speedily and satisfactorily

  • IDRAS can help individuals with guidance about where to go and how to find support.

For the provider, failure to deal with disputes promptly and in a way everyone can see is fair, leads to fire-fighting, waste of administrative time and damage to reputation.

  • IDRAS can help institutions with guidance about how to learn lessons and improve the institution’s dispute resolution procedures and practice.

We are also glad to hear from:

Student unions and trade unions who need help in their discussions with institutions

Managers and academic heads of department tackling disputes 

Mediators and others  involved in dispute resolution who would like to know more about the way institutions of further and higher institutions deal with disputes



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